Published by Nuclear Media & Publishing, Post Modern Ink is a new tattoo magazine in Australia set to change the way you think about (and purchase) modern tattoo mags.

We're about the art of tattooing as much as we are about the people being tattooed. We also don't simply want to throw hundreds of pictures up of someone's arm or someone's leg.

Tattoos are as much about the person's form as they are about the key image, so we'll be showing stylised photos and art of people with ink, in their true glory - the way the tattooed and tattooist intended it to look.

But it's not all about tattoos. There's a cultural shift happening around the body art artform, and we aim to capture that with each issue by focusing on fashion, youth, culture, popular culture, music and more. Every issue will pack a surprise so you can't wait for the next one.

If you'd like to have your images in the magazine, contact us with a sample. But remember - no non-descript arms and legs (or other body parts), your tattoo is about you, so we want to see you as well.


Frequency: Quarterly

Distribution: 30,000

Cover Price: $15.95

Core target: Male and Female 24 - 39

Content: tattoos, art, fashion, popular culture, lifestyle